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Your licensing requirement depends on what and where you are flying. Do you fly a heavy or large sRPAS? Do you ever fly in a controlled airspace or in close proximity to built up areas? 

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, your flights carry more risk and needs more knowledge required to do it safely and legally. 

Whereas flying in limited areas means you pose less of a hazard to the public and manned aircraft and will only require a basic license.

If you meet any 1 of these conditions, you are conducting advanced operations

Advanced Operations

  • You want to fly in controlled airspace

  • You want to fly over bystanders

  • You want to fly within 30 metres (100 feet) of bystanders (measured horizontally)

  • Visit for current operations category requiements

Why Choose Globe Hawk Drones?

Our course is written by Transport Canada Licensed Airline Transport Pilots and Commercial Air Operator Managers. We provide you with real life examples and learning experiences that we have had, not just recite regulations and bore you to sleep.

What's Included:

    Lectures and practice quizzes similar to the Transport Canada advanced exam.

    Customer support for any issues. Call or email us at any time.

    A Globe Hawk Drones Ground School Certificate you can print and frame.

The total amount of instructional time devoted to the subject areas of TP15263 (The RPAS pilot's golden book) is 32 hours. 

However the training time required for a radio licence, practical skill/experience training, home study/pre-reading, specific UAV system training and Special Flight Operating Certificate application process training is time that would be over and above the time spent teaching the content of TP15263. 

Our online course covers the following 8 topics -

    Section 1 Air Law, Traffic Rules & Procedures

    Section 2 RPAS Airframes, Power Plants, Propulsion & Systems

    Section 3 Human Factors

    Section 4 Meteorology

    Section 5 Navigation

    Section 6 RPAS Flight Operations

    Section 7 Theory of Flight

    Section 8 Radiotelephony ROC-A

Below is a PDF copy of our syllabus


Advanced Online Ground School For 250$ CAD + Tax

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Basic Online Ground School Course

Depending on your requirements, you may only need to pass the Transport Canada online basic exam. This is less stringent and requires less knowledge to successfully pass and obtain your basic RPAS certificate.

If you meet all 3 of these conditions, you're conducting basic operations:        

  • You fly it in uncontrolled airspace                        
  • You fly it more than 30 metres (100 feet) horizontally from bystanders 
  • You never fly it over bystanders            

If you do not meet any 1 of these 3 conditions, you are conducting advanced operations.        

Basic Online Ground School For 50$ + Tax

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Transport Canada Online Exam Preperation Question Bank

Our instructors have come up with custom made, Transport Canada TP-15263 material based questions to help you pass your exam!

Transport Canada Online Exam Preperation Question Bank 19.99 + Tax

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Flight Review

Book for RPAS Flight Review with Globe Hawk Drones today! 

Price is 199$ + Tax (Travel time may be extra depending on the location required) 

Prior to paying via our secure online portal, please contact us at +1 204 998 9997 or to coordinate your Flight Review!