Who We Are

Globe Hawk's team consists of pilots, instructors, aviation consultants and senior aviation managers. 

Cody St. Hilaire - Training

Cody St. Hilaire is an experienced pilot and aviation manager who has worked in a fixed wing training department, RPAS, aerial surveying industry and corporate aviation. 

Raymond Pennock - Training

Raymond Pennock is a skilled pilot and civil technologist, having spent several years in both industries. Ray is experienced in all aspects of aviation including RPAS, aerial survey. He knows what is needed to achieve the highest quality training standards.

Peter Chudley - Sales

Peter Chudley is an experienced entrepreneur with a vision for the future.  He knows how to bring the best out of people and deliver high quality results to clients. In 2003 Peter received his Red Seal, where he took his entrepreneurial skills and passion into building a very successful electrical contracting company. In 2011 Peter and his partners were awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the year for Manitoba. Peter kept focused, growing his company and employing over 50 people. In 2018 Pete decided to sell his shares to persue other passions and GHD. 

James O'Brien - Legal and Regulatory

James O’Brien is an established partner at one of western Canada's premier law firms. James brings a breadth of experience to Globe Hawk's consulting department within Aviation Law and to create compliant regulatory documents for clients.

Our Mission

We believe quality education for all drone pilots will help make this industry more productive, safer, and more efficient. With years of commercial aviation experience under our belts, we know what it takes to build a business in a rapidly changing yet highly regulated environment. As instructors, we pride ourselves in clearly communicating the information that will allow you to reach your goals.